Friday, March 12, 2010

Going to my first quilt show!!!!

     I am heading to Knoxville to see my sweetheart!!  It has been 3 weeks, and I can't wait!!  It also just happens to be the same time of the Quiltfest of Pigeon Forge...actually, I had planned on going to this quilt show since my husband is working in Knoxville.  I have never been to a quilt show, and since I have only been quilting for a little over two years, and my mom has been quilting for about thirty years, she has been anxious for me to be able to go to a quilt show for a while now.  She wanted us to go to my first show together, and we almost had it worked out, but it doesn't look like it is going to happen that way.  I am going to go and drag my unsuspecting husband with me instead!!!  It may happen that my mom and her boyfriend will get to go, but his brother has been in ICU and she doesn't want to drive that far alone, and I want to be able to stay for a week with my husband so if things get better she and Bill may drive up on Saturday and come home Sunday or even Monday morning (I am crossing my fingers anyway!!). 
     I am taking my sewing machine again....and yes I will remember the foot pedal this time!!!  I am planning on working on a few things next week while Jeff is at work.  I love being there with him, I miss him being at home, ladies I hope that you appreciate your husbands being home at night, even if they leave their socks on the floor, if they snore, or if they complain that you are sewing too much!  LOL!!  I am sure that you all do, but I know how easy it can be sometimes to take things for granted.
     I am sure that I will post more about my trip and post lots of pictures!!  Have a blessed weekend!!!

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