Saturday, March 20, 2010

Reconnecting with old friends...

     I found an old friend on facebook last night and sent a friend request, this morning she had responded.  I am glad to find friends that I went to school with and see how they are doing now!!
      I also called one of my oldest and dearest friends that I have known since 6th grade!!  I moved to Lynchburg, Va in February '77  and was "buddied up" with 'Twitty' (her nickname) since we were in the same homeroom and road the same school bus.  We became great friends, and were in each others homeroom for years to come!  We really went through alot of stuff together during school and even after we graduated... boyfriends, breakups, makeups, job stuff, and even after I had kids we remained close.  Infact my oldest son had his first "crush" on Twitty.  They became buddies also!  She is the first person I told when I found out that I was pregnant with my youngest son....we have really been through alot together!!!
    I moved away from Lynchburg in 1991 and we lost touch for awhile, and then we reconnected again several times over the past years.  Each time I vow not to let it be so long this time, but, this time I really mean it!!  Whenever I talk to her it just takes me back to when we were young and all of the fun things that we did, the trouble that we got in (or could have gotten in had we been caught!! LOL!!) we really had some great times, some of the best in my life actually!  I wish that we lived closer, we have another friend, Joanna, and we were all three very close, I miss them very much, our lives have all taken different directions, and we all live in different cities.  I hope that we can all arrange to get together soon and catch up!!!  But for now, it was just really great to talk to her, she made a difference in my life!!!

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