Sunday, February 28, 2010

New projects...

     Well, I have been busy the past few days...I have been working on 2 new projects...actually 3 new projects!  I really need to stop and finish the ones that I have already in progress and the ones on my list to start and get done, but noooooooooooo, I have to start not 1 but 3 new projects!!  Is there like a Dr. Ruth or something for us quilters, or crafters in general?!?!?!?  I need help!!!  Anyway, here are pictures of what I have been doing, the first one is a baby quilt top, still need to put borders on, but it is a Kansas Troubles pattern and I love it done in the light and dark blues (I did have to buy a few pieces of light blues because I didn't have enough of the lights!).  I really need to find some more blues, they are so wonderful in this top, and I would like to make a diaper bag and maybe bumper pads etc. to go with this.  This is going to be baby "Beans" quilt..if he is a boy, of course!!
     I also pulled out some 4 patch squares that I made out of old shirts a year ago and started just sewing random width strips to them into log cabin blocks.  I think that they turned out really good, if I had planned it out I would have turned the center blocks so that the dark squares were top left and bottom right on each of the blocks (some were) and then when put together they would kind of round out the blocks a little bit.  I think I may just sew all of these together and put a border on and make it a table topper, it would be good machine quilting practice!!
See the first block at the top left, and the one under it, and the one to the right of it how the dark blocks kind of round out the center and then the second block on the first row is turnes different!!  I wish that I had planned it instead of just random, it would look nicer, but, sew and learn!!!

And, last, but not least, here is the other new project that I have is just a scrap quilt, and each block has an opposite that goes with it, I actually have 42 blocks done, I am not sure how big I am going to make this one, and it is an ongoing project.  I will probably put it up for awhile, I just went through some of moms scraps and cut pieces big enough to do these blocks, I have lots more fabric to go through, but hey, you can never have too many in a scrap quilt right?!?!?  So, I am off to the great upstairs...again to "clean-up" so that I can work on something, but I am not going to start a new project...well, not today anyway!!!  Have a blessed day!!!

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