Monday, March 22, 2010

Funny True Story....

     My sweetheart and I went back to Pizza Palce tonight and got their incredible onion rings to go with our Hardees cheeseburgers for dinner...I know it sounds totally crazy, but sometimes we just have to face the fact that we are!! LOL!!!  Anyway, they gave us some catsup in these little plastic cups, you know the ones like you get at church when you have communion.    
     So, we are headed to Hardees to get our burgers and all of a sudden my dear husband starts cracking up laughing, and asks me if I think that the little cup looks familiar..."no, why?" I ask.  He says think "Church" and I get it then...
     Several years ago we went to visit a church for the first time, and it happened to be first Sunday and they were having Communion.  Well, we stood and we were about to pray when several couples were called up to the front of the church to help pass out the "body and the blood"....well, they have these two loaves of bread and also two big bowls of grape juice. I see this and automatically start thinking to myself.."I am not going to drink out of that bowl that everyone else is, I mean where are the little cups?!?!?! (that is the only way I had ever had communion) and as I am thinking this, out of the corner of my eye I see Jeff shaking...I look at him, and by this time we are supposed to be praying, and he is laughing so hard that he is in tears!!!  "I already know what you are thinking" he says, red faced, tears streaming!  I am in a near panic at this point because what am I going to say when it is my turn...'well, I'll take the body but not the blood..."  I mean seriously!!!  By this time the people at the front of the church are filing out of their pews one row at a time, and heading to the back of the church where communion is being served, I am trying to decide if maybe I shouldn't just skip communion, but I really wanted to partake, because my dad was dying of pancreatic cancer at the time, and I just really felt that I needed all of God that I could get! 
     So, our pew is next and we get up and start heading to the back and I am totally stressed out about this, I knew someone that went to a Catholic Church and they actually drank wine at communion and they did drink after each other, apparently the alcohol kills any germs.  We get back to the back and low and behold, they are breaking off the "body" and dipping it in the "blood" Praise the Lord!!!  I really felt like yelling that!!!  Now, if you really knew me, you would know that I am not a cookie dunker, I don't do biscuits and gravy, I don't like anything "soggy", so my new, very brief, panic is soggy bread!!  I got over it quickly, I was so relieved that I didn't have to drink after 150 people!!! 
     We partake in communion, and head back to our seats, and again, out of the corner of my eye I see Jeff shaking again....I look at him and give him the 'what now' look, he has to look away, and then I get tickled to, I had to turn in my seat away from him...they are playing music while the rest of the church is finishing up in the back, I stop laughing and Jeff stops also, he scoots closer and puts his arm around my shoulders, and then I get tickled again, then I feel him shaking...again!!  He gets so tickled that he had to get up and leave!!!  After a few minutes I am wondering if I should follow him, or is he coming back!??!!?!?  Finally, he comes back in and sits down, the preacher is winding up the service and I am determined not to look at Jeff, and then the preacher says something about communion, and the shaking starts again, I tried to be strong and give him the look that a parent gives a misbehaving child, but when I did, we both got tickled.  I was so thankful that the service was over and we could leave, by this time a few people were really starting to look at us like we were insane!!!  We made a mad dash for the door as soon as the service was over and totally lost it in the parking lot, I don't guess we will be coming back to this church I say on the way to the car!!
     My husband is one of the most serious people I know, especially when it come to church, or anything this was totally unlike him to laugh in church, but he started telling me that as soon as he saw those bowls, that he knew I was going to get stressed out about drinking after other people!!!!  He said, he wished that I could have seen my face when they brought them out...apparently I turned completely white, and I got a panicked look on my face!!  I am glad that he knows me so well!!  Well, most of the time I am glad! LOL!!  I felt bad for a few minutes, but with all of the stress that we were under about my dad, we decided that sometimes laughter is the best medicine and I am sure that God has a sense of humor, I have thought so for many years now!! 
     We never did go back to that church, and I hadn't even thought of that story for a long time, but I just thought that I would share it because I think that we need to remember to laugh, especially in the most difficult times of our lives!!  It truly does make you feel better!!  Have a blessed day!!!

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