Thursday, April 1, 2010

God is Great!!

     My daughter-in-law is 17 weeks pregnant and had bloodwork done a few weeks ago.  Last Thursday morning they called her and told her that her bloodwork results had come in and that she needed to come into the office at 1:00 and the doctor would discuss the results with her.  I went and picked her up and we went in and talked to the doctor.  The results indicated that there was a 1 in 10,000 chance that the baby could have Down's Syndrome, that is good results he said, and a 1 in 16,000 chance of Spina Bifida, also good he said and then we were told that there was a 1 in 10 chance that my grandbaby was going to have Trisomy 18 or Edwards Syndrome...these are not so good results....this is where the 18th chromosome has an extra component, instead of one chromosome from each parent there would be three altogether and if the results are correct this would result in a stillborn or the baby would only live a few minutes, hours or possibly a few days. 
     I refused to believe this could happen to my only grandbaby (we all call the baby Bean), and I prayed to God that these results were wrong.  I know that God answers prayers and that everything happens for a reason, and with everything that has gone on with my son and is still going on with him (he goes to court next Friday) I know in my heart that Bean is supposed to be here, there is a reason that Bean is coming into our lives at this time!  I gave this child to God and asked Him to protect this baby, and if it was His will that Bean will not survive to show us what we are to learn from all of this.  So, we went to a high risk OB and genetics specialist on Tuesday for an ultrasound and consultation.  Bean was very active during the ultrasound, but Bean now has a real name...Thomas Christos, Bean is a baby boy!!!  And, praise God, there are no defects, he looks perfectly normal!!!  If he had had the Trisomy 18 there would have been severe defects that would have been very apparent on an ultrasound.  When we talked with the genetics specialist, she told us that she had been on the phone with several other labs because the results of the bloodwork were so out in left field from where they should have been that they think that the test was bad or something and offered to do it thanks!!  The ultrasound results disproved the bloodwork so I believe that God answered our prayers and is giving us a healthy baby!  God performs miracles everyday, but we like to give "other" explanations, like...the test was bad, was it?!?  Or did God perform a miracle, I know what I think...what do you think?  Have you or someone you love experienced a miracle?  Just something to think about...

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  1. I almost wish they wouldn't even do this genetic testing. The same kind of testing scare happened to my son and daughter-in-law. The doctors got them all worked up that the baby might have genetic issues (which he didn't, but they didn't know for sure until the baby was born). They wouldn't have aborted him if even if there were severe defects. I think the doctors do this to cover themselves from the possibility of a lawsuit.