Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Heading Home

     I have most of my stuff packed up and am planning on heading home early in the morning.  I am going to miss my sweetheart very much, but he will be home next weekend!  I know my puppy girl will be happy to see me...she doesn't get a chance to miss me like she does Jeff, and she is always so happy to see her daddy when he comes home!! Now it is MY turn!!!  I am going to have to stop and get her a bone or something,  I mean I can't be gone 2 weeks and come home empty handed right?!?!?!?
     I have all of the blocks made for my basketweave quilt, I have decided to change up the border, so I don't have to make more 6 1/2" blocks...yay!!!!  All I have to do now is sew them together and add borders. 
     I guess I had better try to get some sleep, I have a long day ahead of me! 

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