Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New Old Shirts...

     It's always something...Saturday I ordered something online and went to get the credit card I was going to use and couldn't find it...hmmmmm, where was the last place I used it?!?!?  Mamaws Thimble Quilt Shop....of course I couldn't call because I already knew that they were closed due to the weather so I had to wait until Monday.  I was on the phone bright and early yesterday, and yes that is where I left it (that's what I get for talking about fabric...it makes me forget other stuff!!).
    I didn't get alot done yesterday, I did make it to BigLots and found a quilt book that I had wanted about a year ago, but it was just before Christmas, and I couldn't justify buying myself a book that close to Christmas, and after the holidays it was gone!!  BigLots had it for $5. and I would have paid $22.95 for it at Hancocks, the book is "Log Cabin Quilts with Attitude" by Sharon V. Rotz.  I love it, it has several neat things in it.
     Today I decided to get out and go to some thrift stores...well let me just say that the thrift stores around here are very proud of their stuff!!!  I found the best deals at AmVets..yellow tags were 50% off this week and green tags 25% off!!  Here are the shirts that I got today, I only got 8, but they were all good colors.  I have already taken the buttons off, will wash them when I get home and get them cut up to go into some quilts!

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