Friday, April 30, 2010

Donation Quilt...and one for me!!

     I am going to Shreveport, LA in June to a benefit for one of my cousins, who has been diagnosed with Gliosarcoma, a malignant brain tumor.  My mom and I are making a quilt to donate, they are having an auction, and a bake sale, and a dinner, a is going to be alot of fun!! 
     This is my dads side of the family, and I only have been in touch with them for about 2 years.  My dads, father, Warren, was killed in WWII, and my grandmother remarried and "lost touch" with that side of the family.  And, to make matters worse, Warren was raised by his maternal grandmother, and his mother remarried and had several children who all thought that Warren was their uncle, and not their 1/2 brother.  So, 2 years ago I got in touch with my Aunt Catherine, she is Warrens youngest sister, and the only living sibling, who had only in the last few years found out that her "uncle" was really her bother, and now I have all of these cousins that I have never met!!!  Last April, my Aunt Catherine, her daughter, Deborah, and her nieces, Ruth and Marianne came to MS and visited with us for a few days, it was awesome!!!  I am so thankful to have found them, and can't wait to meet the rest of my long lost family!!!  I only hate it that my dad is not here to enjoy this side of the family that he so longed to have known for his entire life, but I know that he knows, and he is with the rest of the family that were there ahead of him and those who have joined him since, and I know that they are celebrating together as well!

Mom and I started this quilt out of scraps, and I decided that it would look wonderful made of old shirts, so here are a few pics of the quilt that we are making only in shirts, and I am keeping this quilt for myself!!  It reminds me of my dad because he was very patriotic!
     We thought that with the auction being in mid June that an Americana quilt would be good since it will be getting close to the 4th of July.  I love it, love it, love it!!  I can't wait to get them both finished,  I will post pics of the one we are donating in the next few days.  I am trying to work on both of them at the same time because I know me very well, if I get the donation quilt finished, I will be tired of working on this pattern, so I have to work on them at the same time, so that it doesn't end up as a UFO (UnFinished Object, for those  non-quilters out there!!)  We are going to have the donation quilt quilted by a longarmer, and I am going to quilt mine with stipple and stars!  

     I went this past week and bought my grandson a baby bed, and my sweet-tart was going to come home this weekend and put it together, but working late tonight and weather kept him from heading home this weekend, weekend he is planning to come home, or I am going has been 4, I repeat...FOUR weeks since I saw him and I miss him terribly!!!!!!  I will also post pics of Beans bed.  My daughter-in-law, Jackie and her daughter got all moved into their new apartment this past week, and little Tommys' room got painted and I can't wait for the bed to be put up...I know that Jackie can't either!  Only one more week!!!

My mom has been sick, and went to the doctor last Monday, she still isn't any better, so she has an appointment with a specialist on Teusday.  Hopefully, everything will be ok, please keep her in your prayers.
Speaking of prayers, go to Youtube, and look up "The Katinas" their song "Thank you" is my very favorite song!!!  I love it!!!  Back when my dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and we knew that he was not going to make it, it seemed like everytime I got into my car that song was on reminded me that even though I was going through the worst thing that had ever happened in my life until that time, that I still had so much to be thankful for!!! I was thankful that I had had the father that I did and that I had had him as long as I had!  I was thankful that there was nothing "unsaid" between my father and I, and that we had a close relationship.  I was especially thankful that I was able to be thankful at a time that was so hard and that I realized that God is truly with us at all times...especially the worst times!!!!

Well, I guess that is about it for me, well, for now anyway!!  By the way, Tommy is Beans' real name, and I guess I should start calling him Tommy instead of Bean, but it is hard to do!!!

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