Saturday, April 17, 2010

Busy week...

     Boy has this been a busy week!!!  Monday we had quilt guild meetings in the morning and in the evening, we went to lunch with our friend, Mary Jo, and then went to play at the casino for a little bit before our evening meeting.  Both meetings were really good, our program was "favorite thiings in our sewingroom..."  we all had to bring our favorite gadget, tool, etc.  I took my ironingboard table, mom and I each made one from a small folding table, it is a little bit bigger than a TV tray, we folded 2 layers of warm and natural batting and mom made a cover with a casing that we put elastic in and voila....a perfect ironing table for right beside our sewing machine!!!  I love it!!!!!  Here is a picture...

It is wonderful having it right there for ironing, and I also use it with a small cutting mat to square up small blocks etc. 
     Another thing that is one of my favorite things in my sewingroom is a film that goes over my windows that blocks the UV rays, it helps keep it cooler in the room, we used it in our first sewingroom when it was downstairs, there was an East facing window, and the room was HOT all sewingtable was right in front of the window because I loved the view of the pond and the trees, and when I put the film on the window I could sit there at any time of the day with the blinds open and it would not even be warm!!!  Your fabric will not fade either, I have learned that it is better to put it on the storm windows instead of trying to cut it into the little window paynes, it is a little bit dificult to get the backing off at first, but it is well worth it, it helps on your utility bill also, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!!!  I got mine at Lowes, and it is at Home Depot, about $28. a roll, but it does several windows.
    The third thing that I took MOM!!!  She has been quilting for 30 years, and since I have only been doing it for about 2 1/2 she is great to have around!!!  She knows how to make binding, she knows what is wrong with the machine when it starts acting up, she knows so much, she is fun to mess with, and I do...ALOT!!! LOL!!!  When I have a question about something she most always knows the answer, I love having her share a sewingroom with me, we have lots of fun and we laugh, laugh, laugh...ALOT!!!Here she is throwing her iron at me...I am sooooo abused!!!LOL!!!!  I was messing with her about something and she said "I am going to throw this iron at you" and I picked up my camera and "dared" her, so she pretended to throw it and I took her know as "evidence" !!!!  We have a really good time together...when she isn't in "Billville" (her boyfriends)!!
     Wednesday was the 8th anniversary of my dads death and mom, Bill and I went to the casino to play...again!  Dad loved to go to the casino, and he told my mom that he wanted her to go every year on the anniversary of his death and play for him...and we have every year except one.  Well, you would think that he would show up and bring us a little luck....but noooooooooooooo, he must have been celebrating his 8th Birthday in Heaven, because he wasn't hanging out with us that day!!! 
     Thursday mom and I went to the car dealership where she bought her new car and we saw one of our dearest friends who is also the General Manager there, we used to work with him several years ago when we worked at the Cadillac dealership.  We spent several hours catching up, and he will always have a very special place in my heart, he helped me with several things when I had problems before and after my back surgery, and before my dad died, and he is one of those people that I will always care about, he is very special. I was so glad to be able to see him and get caught up on his family and fill him in on mine, it was a great afternoon!!
    Today, I went and helped my daughter-in-law move some of her stuff to her new apartment, did I tell you she was moving into an upstairs apartment?!?!?!  We got 4 car loads done, in the morning I have to go pick up my step-son and his wife and we are going to go and help my husnbands grandmother move from an assisted living facility into a "more assisted" assisted living, fun!!  I am tired just thinking about it!  I also have to take my dog and drop her off to be groomed and hopefully get her shots in the morning before I go, she has never been shaved, but she is this year, I know it will make her feel better now that it is really getting warm!! 
     Here are some pics that I took of our sewingroom, we had to send in pics for our guild, we are doing a "virtual tour" or everyones room, so here are some from our room...Here is mom again, that is one of Beans quilts hanging up on the design wall, this baby is never going to be cold!!!LOL!!

Here are some of my thrift store shirts, I am using Bonnie Hunters' "Scraps and Shirttails" book and making quilts out of 100% cotton mens it!!!

Here are some of my scrapbooking supplies and quilting magazines.

I love buttons, and I screwed the lids of some canning jars into the bottom of a shelf and then I can just unscrew the jar when I need to get into it and I have doubled the use of my shelf and I don't have to dust the jars!!!!

My sewing table, with my little ironing board right there all handy!!!!

Here are some more of my old shirts in plastic storage bins, I really lilke being able to see what colors are in them, it saves alot of time.

I found this shoe rack that fits perfectly in the window seat, and I am making the use of the space there so it
is not wasted!

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  1. I like those hanging jars. You have made your niche into a very efficient place to be. Congrats!