Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It has been WAY TOO LONG!!!!

   It has been 2 months since I have posted anything!!! Shame on me!!!  I have gotten alot done and there has been alot going on.....My mom got sick in April and has not gotten any fact she has gotten worse!!  She went back to the doctor (AGAIN!!!) yesterday, and they called her this afternoon and told her to go to the Emergencyy room to be admitted, so that is where she is tonight, and is now in an examining room in the ER waiting to go to a room...lovely!!!  I am in Slidell, LA where I am visiting my husband, he is no longer in Knoxville, TN working, he is now in New Orleans, LA.
    We got the donation quilt made for my cousin that has a brain tumor, and instead of donating the quilt for the fund raising auction, we gave Tommy the quilt, I think he really liked it, and I hope that it keeps him warm and gives him some comfort!!  When my dad was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer, a few of the ladies in my moms quilt guild that she was in when they lived in Virginia, made and sent dad a lap size quilt, he loved it and it brought us a lot of comfort just knowing that someone had cared enough to spend their time making him that little quilt, and it was a perfect size for when he was sitting in his recliner, he loved it!! We still have that quilt and it reminds me of my dad everytime I see it!!  Here are some pics of  Tommy's (my cousin that has cancer's name is Tommy and I had posted earlier that my grandson was going to be Tommy, but they have decided to call him Thomas instead of the nickname Tommy....) quilt...
It is very scrappy, and I love the fabric that we found for the back, it has little flags on it...perfect!!!  Mom and I both worked on it, she worked on it whenevr she felt like it, we ended up having to bring her sewing machine downstairs to her room because she just couldn't go upstairs.
     My son went to court, and he goes back in August for sentencing, and I still believe that this is a huge blessing in disguise, I am still 90% of the time dealing with his situation pretty good, I do have my moments though!!  He has accepted 100% responsibility for his crime and has such a positive attitude, I see such a change in him as far as maturity, he has grown up so much, and I am still so thankful that he is alive and that the drugs did not kill him, and even though the drugs did cause him to act totally out of character, and do something seriously wrong, he is going to have a chance to start his life over when he gets out!  Please continue to keep JT in your prayers!!
     My husband, Jeff came home after working all day on Friday the 18th just to do laundry, sleep about 4 hours and then get up and ride with me to just east of Shreveport, LA to the benefit for my cousin, where I got to meet a bunch of cousins that I had never met before, we had a great time, and I can't wait to go back this Fall and spend more time getting to know everyone!!  We gave Tommy his quilt, and spent the night with my Aunt Catherine and Uncle Willis and then on Sunday morning we got up and came to Slidell, which is just across Lake Ponchartrain and New Orleans, I have been busy sewing for the past week and a half, I made Thomas a flannel blanket, and several burp cloths, and I made curtains, which I will have to post a picture of later because we have to get a curtain rod to hang them on, but here is what I have got finished...Here is the flannel blanket  and the 2nd pic is of part of the front and the back and a matching burp cloth.And here are 3 more burp cloths, I still have to make matching bibs to go with all of the burp cloths.  These were really quick to make, my mom had made these for me when I had my first son, and the back is terry cloth....I loved them!!!!  They were my favorite burp cloths!! 

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