Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My week in Knoxville...

I have had quite a week!
Monday I went and did a little shopping at Mamaws' Thimble Quilt Shop in Knoxville while I was waiting for my foot peddle to get here. I love that store, they have a huge selection of fabric and even have a big clearance section of stuff 50% off!!  Everything is very organized, and everyone is very friendly!  I stopped at the grocery store and picked up a few things and when I came back to the hotel my phone had a blinking message light on it....the mail must have come!!!  Sure enough, my foot peddle arrived safely (thank you US postal service)!!
 I made a huge crockpot full of chilli yesterday, and Jeff took a bunch of it to work today for the guys to have for dinner tonight.  I had chilli for lunch and I am planning on freezing the rest to leave for Jeff so we ordered pizza from Moes Pizza, it was awesome!! We got 2 large pizza's for $10.98.....that is with tax and an extra topping on one of them!!!  Dinner is covered for tomorrow night!!

 I have been trying to work on my oldest sons quilt blocks, I am making him a black and white quilt, that I have been working on for awhile now......did you guess 2 years?  You would have been right!!  I had started making blocks, kind of a "wonky log cabin" with the center being a fussy cut picture of Mo from the 3 Stooges fabric, it kind of reminds me of my son, I was going to make one block with the picture of my son in it (kind of like "Where's Waldo")....I put a 1/4" border of blue fabric around the center block and have now decided to use black around the center, and I am not going to make the blocks "wonky" after all.  So, basically, I am starting over completely!!!  I will use the blocks that I have already made on the back.  Here is a picture of  a few of those blocks, I need to find some more of the 3 Stooges fabric if I am going to start over!   

So, I have been working today on more blocks for my basket weave scrap quilt, I have 50 more started, I think that should about do it. 

I am trying to decide if I should go home tomorrow or stay until Monday as planned, the weather could be a problem!  What to do, what to do!!!  I really want to stay, I love being here with Jeff!!  I don't want to drive over the plateau in ice or snow, that would be very stressful!!!  It is supposed to warm up by Monday though, so I am leaning towards staying!

I am almost finished with the binding on my nephews baby it is and also a picture of the back, I made a jumbo 9 patch on the back.  I will be glad to get this finished and checked off of my list!!!
I guess if I stay until Monday I should go and check out a few more quilt shops, I mean it would be so wrong not to!!!!

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